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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Comic Reviews coming soon

If things go right I should have my first comic review up this weekend. It should (hopefully) include a podcast. This will be in the form of my brother and I b.s. ing about what we enjoy. I may do both a cigar podcast and a comic podcast, or I may do them combined, it depends on what I feel works best. Bear with me everyone. (of course there is currently no one signed up for this blog, so I'm basically talking to myself.)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You have got to be kidding.

I would like to present my smoke today. The Garcia Y Vega Game Wine flavor. This was a cigarillo style in a double pack. This pack was "fresh sealed". For some reason this isn't a comfort. These cigars are the best of the game line. Once again, this shouldn't be a comfort. These are terrible. They should be sealed behind glass that is labeled "Break Glass in Case of Emergency". These are good for an emergency smoke but not much else. There are better choices out there, maybe a bit more pricey, but you'll thank yourself later. In fact the Clint's Cigars I reviewed in my earlier post are only about a buck a piece, they're a touch shorter but will be much more satisfying.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Punch Grand Cru - Clint's Cigars

I am reviewing a couple of cigars right now to launch this.

First off we have Punch Grand Cru. I picked this aged beauty up in a grab bag that varied from excellent to dog rocket. The Grand Cru Robusto was excellent. This Honduran made stick was smooth and tasty from foot to head. There wasn't a single bit of bitterness the entire length. I found this surprising considering that the cigars in these grab bags were not well maintained at all.

Now on to my prize cigar. I had the opportunity over the last few months to enjoy Clint's Cigars. As they say, they only make "the one size". That size is plenty. These oddly shaped rockets are pure pleasure the entire smoke. This is easily the greatest short smoke on the market today. They are lightly flavored and sweet on the tongue. The smooth draw and high quality tobacco make you think you are smoking a much larger fuller cigar. I don't know if it's the shape, the size, or some other unidentifiable factor, but these cigars seem to take much longer to smoke than their size would make you believe. I'm looking to get back to work primarily so I can afford a hundred or so of these beauties. Each of these works of art are made of Dominican tobacco and cradled gently in a light, sweet Sumatran wrapper. You must order some of these, or a couple hundred. These are the only cigar that I would regularly order off of the internet. The company has excellent customer service and a beyond excellent product.

Recommendation: The Grand Cru is good, but not something that you would want as your daily smoke. Pricewise it's fairly good, but a little too expensive for a short smoke.

Clint's Cigars are the clear stand out here. They are priced right for an everyday smoke, taste good enough to make you feel you're having something special, and have just the right flavor for every time of day. Try one of these as a desert cigar and you may have yourself a new tradition.

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