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Monday, March 2, 2009

Cigar Review

Most of this will be on my audio podcast, but I am going to do a bit more here. I had the opportunity to smoke a Vegas de Santiago Secretos Del Maestro. This was a very interesting cigar. It lit well, burned even, and smoke clean. The physical structure of the cigar was pleasant to look at, though it did have some minor holes and blemishes. The wrapper was a beautiful even color the entire length. The flavor of the cigar was best described as creamy, at least after the halfway point. Between halfway and 2/3's in the flavor changed. It became stronger and far more complex with a lot of very different flavors. I wound up smoking this cigar all the way till it was too hot for me to hold. Rudy pulled a great trick on my with this cigar. I was convinced I was smoking a mild to medium cigar, then I stood up and realized I wasn't feeling very steady on my feet. This cigar was much stronger than it seemed. What a treat.

Vegas De Santiago can be found at Rudy is the owner and frequently posts on the Vegas De Santiago group at Yahoo.
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